A non-profit Global Organization dedicated to raising consciousness for the benefit of humanity

What does Viva Vita do?

Viva Vita – pro specie umana – is a non-profit global organisation (tax free) for human beings, as it is the human, which is the one who acts and guides all opera and projects. If every single human become more aware about him/herself, the condition of the world we live in, and increase the perception about the subtle dimension of him/herself and the universe, it will also influence his/her actions. The more conscious and aware each and every one becomes the more we can guide our projects and life in a good, harmonic peaceful way. Therefore Viva Vita works for the prevention and rebalancing of all human disorders.

Viva Vita Ecology

Viva Vita wishes to share knowledge about sustainable development, preservation of the eco-system of the earth, and all what is good for man and the universe.

Viva Vita Music and Dance

Viva Vita offers concerts, workshops, to enjoy and feel the presence of the universe through the art of music and dance.

Viva Vita Children

Viva Vita offers special children programs to share a playful perspective on the beauty and magic of this world.

Viva Vita Cura

LakspatiNath and Premhimal receive you for personal meeting to discuss about health and personal difficulties. We do constellations for healing.

Viva Vita Yoga

Viva Vita group practice daily yoga: Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga. We do daily meditation, and follow a yogic dharma living style.

Viva Vita Bees

Viva Vita plans to explore new methods, approaches and practices of natural and sustainable beekeeping.


How It All Started…

Viva Vita is a non-profit-association, whose activities base on voluntary intercommunion and upon donations, cooperating in various aspects of evolutive human system. You’re warmly welcome to help contribute to our projects in Switzerland and Globally.