Viva Vita would like to share this Letter of Appreciation with all the generous donors who contributed to the program that delivered basic necessities such as food, medicine and clothing to the children at the Rainbow Children Home Pokhara - Nepal. 

Viva Vita has been already collaborating with the Pokhara orphanage since two years by providing both direct support as well as facilitating the selling of its hand-made products in Switzerland.

In this very moment the orphanage is facing serious financial difficulties and the persons in charge are struggling to cover essential expenses such as food and medicines for the children. 

We appeal to your generosity, even with small donations, to further help the vulnerable children at the Rainbow Children Home orphanage...
For any kind of donation you can send the money to Viva Vita, with the reference “Nepal - Orphanage”.
Viva Vita will send the entire amount to its volunteers who will manage the deliveries to the orphanage in Pokhara. Viva Vita will supervise the management of the donations and the distribution of food supplies to ensure that all the money is invested for the poor and needy people in India and Nepal.
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 Associazione Vivavita 
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Thank you for your contribution and support!