The leader of our Volunteering group in Kathmandu, whom we've been in daily contact since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, is asking for further emergency assistance to help a community in a mountain village who has been heavily affected by floods and landslides.

The population has been completely isolated due to the damage to roads and bridges, hence the only way to provide support is by bringing food, clothes and first aid by helicopter, including the necessary material to organize an open kitchen to prepare and distribute the food supplies. The old and sick are being flown to hospital in the capital by helicopter 

We appeal to your generosity, even with small donations, to help the desperate people survive this disaster ...
For any kind of donation you can send the money to Viva Vita, with the reference “Nepal”.
Viva Vita will send the entire amount to its trusted group of local volunteers. Viva Vita will supervise the management of the donations and the distribution of food supplies to ensure that all the money is invested for the poor and needy people.
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 Associazione Vivavita 
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Thank you for your contribution and support!