We have been flooded by messages of gratitude and appreciation from the local communities in India, pictures and videos reflecting the difficult situation the people are facing. This initiative at the same time is testifying that any contribution and support, even if modest, can have a big impact to the local population.

Since the beginning of the crisis in April, Viva Vita has been making weekly transfers and coordinated the management of the donations aimed at:

- Distributing rice and dal (lentils) in large quantities
- Distributing goods of primary necessity
- Setting up community kitchens to feed needy and street people
- Supplying medicinal products and devices

For any kind of donation you can send the money to Viva Vita, with the reference “India”.
Viva Vita will send the entire amount to its trusted group of local volunteers in India. Viva Vita will supervise the management of the donations and the distribution of food supplies to ensure that all the money is invested for the poor and needy people in India.
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Thank you for your Help !