Viva Vita would like to thank all the generous donors for their participation in the initiative!

At the moment the pandemic is hitting very hard both India and Nepal. The situation is very critical, and people are suffering and starting to starve.

The local governments are not providing the necessary aid. At the moment, Nepal and India are in a total lockdown and the needs are growing every hour.

Viva Vita has been actively engaged through its network of local volunteers both in India and in Nepal, to implement a sustainable and continuous supply of food and essentials.

The donations are managed by trusted volunteers, who use their time and effort to bring support to the poor and sick, the elderly and families in need. LakspatiNath is in contact personally with the groups, and receives information and continuous updates on the aid that is being carried out as well as providing guidance and solutions to the roadblocks that the local teams encounter as they face the emergency.

Thanks to the help and support of the local volunteers, Viva Vita is donating rice and dal (lentils) in large quantities, salt and necessities are being distributed, including money for the much needed medicines, which people can no longer afford.

For the street people cooked food is being provided each evening, as all restaurants are closed and they don’t have any possibility to cook or get a meal.

From April 28th onwards, Viva Vita has been making weekly transfers to ensure continuity of supplies, sending the entire amounts of collected donations to its trusty network of Indian and Nepalese volunteers and friends, with whom Viva Vita is in constant and daily contact to make sure that all the donations are perfectly managed. These volunteers and friends are putting their own health at risk, giving  their time and effort to bring support to the poor, to the sick, to the elderly and to all the families in need.

Viva Vita is focused on donating food, which is a right of every human being – to have enough food, money for medicines and other first necessities. However, there are reportedly requests from hospitals to receive oxygen cylinders and medical supplies. So LakspatiNath is looking for connections with other associations to find a possible solution. Viva Vita has already made contact with Nepalese people working in the production and supply of oxygen, but the project seems enormous and not sustainable due to high costs.

Viva Vita thanks you once again and leaves the channel open for donations and humanitarian aid: please find below instructions and details for new donations which are more than welcome in this very moment of humanitarian emergency!

For any kind of donation you can send the money to Viva Vita, with the reference “India”.
Viva Vita will send the entire amount to its trusted group of local volunteers in India. Viva Vita will supervise the management of the donations and the distribution of food supplies to ensure that all the money is invested for the poor and needy people in India.
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Thank you for your Help ! 
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