viva vita islands

Our places of association are islands in the middle of the ocean of the quotidian world rhythm (samskar). Therefore we ask everybody to meet in a active, present way with respect and compassion.


Trogen (AR, Switzerland)

The house is situated between the two villages Trogen and Wald in the middle of the appenzeller landscape, green meadows, cow bell, splashing of spring water fountain, mammut tree, skylarks and a pond in the garden; an almost 300-years old appenzeller house entirely made out of wood, skylarks parquet, three bathrooms with shower, multi-bed rooms, sauna in construction, seminary-, body work- and conference hall (60m2) with beamer, entirely made out of wood and oak parquet with a direct exit into the garden. Possible to use for cinema, conference, body exercise and presentations. The house is connected to the private spring water and warm itself with a wood tiled stove. In the house is cooked vegetarian food - with seasonal, regional and if possible biological products.

Trogen is a small village, 10 km far from St. Gallen, close to Germany and Austria, embedded between the Lake of Konstanz and Alpstein mountain, the district Appenzell Ausserrhoden is located on a hilly platform between 850 to 1100m above sea level.

Are you looking for an alternative spot, to organize a meeting, conference or seminary, please contact us.


Mergoscia (TI, Switzerland)

A place of Yoga Retreat, in the beautiful mountain of South Switzerland (Ticino), nearby is a beautiful waterfall and many wander possibilities.


Studio of Healing, Locarno (TI, Switzerland)


  • –  constellations of sicknesses, personal situations and families
  • –  alternative yogic medicine: diagnosis and interpretation of the sickness, channelling
  • – private lessons for correction of body posture, physical blocks






via dei capitani 10, 6600 Locarno, piano 2s, n°20