Viva Vita






Viva Vita is a humanitarian Non-Profit-Association - pro specie umana - that speaks up for human beings.

It is the human that guides all projects, therefore we have the opinion, that the human should be conscious of himself and the environment, to guide well all (life-)projects. Viva Vita intends to inspire for a good (life-)concept, to prevent conflicts of all kind: in the nature (f.e. ecological), in human relations (fight, dispute, disagreement, dissension, discussion), and in oneself (depression, somatisation). Therefore our humanitarian concept is unfolded in a preventive perspective.

We organize seminaries and activities, to teach a consciousness for the own cure and caring, (body-)consciousness, vitality, balance, agility, presence, joy of living, harmony, dealing with conflicts, knowledge in the sector of botanic, house remedies, physiotherapy, nature and environment

…for short all what is a benefit and blessing for the human, to sensitise him for himself and the environment.